Can You Live Without Social Media?

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Week #5

As technology progresses and devices get smaller and faster, the media-sphere continues to grow. With a single piece of hardware small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, we can connect to a global interface. Accessing social media is uniting cities, countries, and continents, and in a matter of minutes, revolutions are organized, protested, and won. In the U.S. our freedom is guaranteed from birth, but in many countries around the world facing a repressive regime and censorship, the right to stay connected isn’t a given. As seen in Egypt, social media is the new power tool in the sky. Social media has the potential to fix what is broken and overturn corruption, therefore we cannot live without it.

There’s no doubt that the average age that a child will first use a computer is getting younger and younger. Are moms preparing children for social media when they’re in the womb? Imagine an infant playing with mommy’s iPhone. Now imagine that same child, now two years old, fully capable of swiping the iPhone home screen and opening his or her favorite app. By the age of ten, that child is surfing the internet and perfecting their computer skills. By the time adolescence sets in, Facebook and Twitter calls as “everybody else is doing it so why can’t we” sets in. A new form of pier pressure forms online, as digital culture now defines them as individuals. With media literacy comes more knowledge than ever before for these teens, and as they engage in social media, they have the power to determine what kind of future they want for themselves. Therefore, they cannot live without it.

The power of social media holds the key for one generation to make change for the next. With change comes progress, and we hold both in the palm of our hands in the form of a laptop, cell phone, tablet device, and the countless new pieces of technology that will be released in coming months and years. Regardless of what you use to access the many facets of social media, the power it holds is here to stay. Can we live without it? I invite anyone to try living without it to see what happens. You may not be connected to the social network, but you’ll still have to weed through other forms of media that knock at our door, consume our every street corner, and cover our cultural landscape.

  1. Anthony Thompson says:

    i honestly don’t think we can live with out it. i had read a statistics that said that people from the age 16-25 will sit on a computer and go on social networks before they do homework..

  2. Dan Coerber says:

    I think it is surprising the leaders in the Middle East at how much power the Social Media has. Where they may have never heard of Facebook or Twitter – they have now. What a great point Billy makes.

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