Journalism + Social Media = 2011

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Week #5

The modern day “journalist” could easily be classified as anyone with a cell phone and a Twitter account, anyone with a laptop and a blog, or someone with both. Social media has created a fine line between journalist and commentator, but in today’s “news” realm, they go hand in hand. To be a successful journalist, paid or unpaid, means your work is fully integrated in the social media network. The new age of journalism is upon us.

The current state of corporate news is changing. From Fox News to CNN, big publications have taken advantage of social media and are using that platform to cover breaking news stories and spread the word. It’s no longer just about broadcasting the news in one-hour formats on television. The key to making the news popular with its readers and worthy of high paying advertisements, is through social media.

What better way for a journalist to build a portfolio than to start a blog, then promote the work using Facebook and Twitter. Journalists have the opportunity to take micro-blogging with them on-the-go with Twitter, and release information while on the field. They can build a following with Facebook, connecting people with the journalist on a more personal level. Let’s face it, we all have our favorite journalist “personalities.” The potential is endless and the power profound.

  1. nordaz says:

    Billy, i couldn’t have said it better myself. I agree that journalism is no longer about having the best story to broadcast, it’s now about who can tweet sooner or who updates their status first. The fact that huge networks like CNN, are also using these social media sites to spread the word, goes to show how much of an impact social media has made on society. Also since we have our on-the-go twitter like you said, its true that we all have our own journalist personalities, and its great to see everyones evolve. I really enjoyed your post.

  2. I love your post and I especially took interest in your last paragraph “What better way for a journalist to build a portfolio than to start a blog, then promote the work using Facebook and Twitter. ” As this is something that I am currently trying to learn/do. It is amazing isn’t it though the potential that this all has to allow us to grow.

  3. sharisax says:

    Billy, check out my friend David Henderson for just how big corps need to use social media. His book Making News in the Digital Age was almost the text for this class:

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