Shari Weiss Can Help Us All Shine On LinkedIn

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Week #7

I’ve expanded my social media horizons this week by signing up for LinkedIn. I followed Shari Weiss’s (my social media guru) informed blog article, 10 Steps to Update your LinkedIn Profile for Maximum Find-ability, and there I was, a new LinkedIn member. From choosing a profile picture, to updating work experience, and making my first connections, the art of becoming a member of LinkedIn is a process that takes time and careful thought. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn does more than just connect you with friends and family. As Shari states, “LinkedIn is the world’s LARGEST online professional network that can help you gather business intelligence, connect with trusted contacts, and pinpoint individuals who can help build businesses and careers.”

Here is a summary of Shari’s 10 easy steps to maximizing our LinkedIn profiles.

  1. Choose a quality head shot. Pose + color = standing out from the rest.
  2. Think of your headline as your PERSONAL BRAND Statement
  3. Make your “update” establish your reputation as the GO-TO-SOURCE for information/support in your expertise.
  4. After downloading a résumé, always PROOFREAD what LinkedIn posts. Don’t rely on auto-fill to make you stand out from the masses.
  5. Seek out recommendations and treat them as professional currency.
  6. Whether you seek connections cautiously, or are an aggressive “Lion,” think critically about who you connect with.
  7. Increase “Find-Ability” by making your “websites” stand out for their originality. Don’t rely on default titles like “My Website,” “My Blog,” or “My Company Website.”
  8. If linking Twitter and LinkedIn, think carefully about keeping your persona professional.
  9. Personalize your URL. If your name is taken, which is usually the case, adding an abbreviation for the city you live in, i.e., can add a professional touch.
  10. Last and most importantly, write a summary that is loaded with key words to ensure a powerful branding statement. The three-paragraph format with effectively maximize who you are and how you communicate.

After following these steps, I was able to have a better understanding of why LinkedIn is a powerful online tool. It’s helping me make “real” connections with people that have the potential to take me places I couldn’t have fathomed in the past. As my social media paradigm expands to reflect my personal growth, I found LinkedIn to be a natural progression. I find it ironic that my online/offline persona are merging into the same person. Whereas before, I was creating an online personality that reflected only about 50% of who I really am, now I see the importance of showing one’s true self to fully benefit from what social media has to offer.

To add me as a connection of LinkedIn, please click here…

  1. sharisax says:

    It would help me AND your audience to have a LINK to your LinkedIn page

  2. Billy Rivera says:

    Shari, there is a link to my LinkedIn with step #9, but I added another link at the end so that it doesn’t get looked over. Thanks for the advice!

  3. Dan says:

    This list is awesome. The keyword packing is definitely important…

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