My New Social Mobility

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Week #7

Today will go down in history as the day I switched from iPhone to Android. As an avid Apple user, you can imagine the guilt that is currently setting in. I remember making my first switch from PC to Apple six years ago when I purchased a MacBook. When I dumped my old Blackberry Pearl for an iPhone in 2008, I immediately felt the significance of how connected we are as a society to the web. The biggest eye-opener for me was how well I embraced social media. I was connected in ways I never imagined. No matter how far away from home I was, I had Facebook and Twitter with me 24/7. Despite the success I felt with my iPhone, the thrill was short lived. Apple’s dedication to putting a new phone out on a yearly basis quickly made me feel shortchanged.

With the release of the 3GS and the recent iPhone 4, my iPhone 3G began a slow deterioration in speed and was constantly giving me problems. Using apps like Facebook and Twitter turned into a lengthy process that was both irritating and inconvenient. I found myself sitting on the computer more than I had in years just to stay connected. I have no complaints about keeping my laptop close for the sake of my Social Media for Journalists class, but many people have been telling me what a great experiment it would be to actually attempt an entire week’s worth of assignments on a mobile device. Until today, my response had been, “If I had an iPad it would be a different story.” With the hours we spend talking and texting, who in their right mind wants to sit and try to type a lengthy essay such as this on a cell phone! Well, I’m here to prove that it is possible and that starting Monday, the experiment will begin.

With my new light-speed smart phone—which includes WordPress, Facebook, Tweetdeck, and LinkedIn apps—I am thrilled with a new challenge to allow my laptop to collect dust for one week. I want to allow myself to write blog posts in the environments of my choice. What better way to take a long hike through Muir Woods and use the scenery as inspiration to further my quest of using social media to make myself a better person—provided there’s reception.

  1. Do you like it so far. I’ve had an Android now for two years now – I’m really hoping to trade up for a new one. Please keep us updated on how you find the new ‘droid’s usability.

  2. Billy Rivera says:

    So far there are more pros than cons. While the screen resolution isn’t as high as the iPhone, I’m loving the speed of the Atrix. It took some time figuring out how to install visual voice mail and syncing iTunes with the Android music player, but with that all set I’m happy. I also like how the Atrix feels in my hands vs. the iPhone. Are there any apps you can recommend?

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