LinkedIn Today, Tomorrow, and Certainly Weeks To Come

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Week #8

I think I may have stumbled upon something truly special this week. With the launch of LinkedIn Today, I now have more incentive to make LinkedIn my daily go-to site for news. Instead of searching through a slew of news blogs, LinkedIn Today brings those headlines to you in one homepage. With a tweak here and there, such as customizing your trusted sources and suggested industries, LinkedIn Today is modified to fit your needs.

After reading Introducing LinkedIn Today, I was ready to create and personalize my homepage.

If you only have five minutes to catch up on news, LinkedIn Today can help you cut through all the clutter, so you can discover the top headlines you need to read to be better informed everyday.

If you’re a pop culture junkie like me, you’ll be certain to tailor your homepage with headlines from trusted sources such as Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, Mediapost, and Variety. Reading my “dailies” has never been easier or more exciting. Today, for example, Hollywood had some big announcements that were making headlines all over the net, so as an experiment and test, I visited my go-to sites to rack them up. In roughly twenty minutes, I think I had read them all, but after clicking through my customized LinkedIn Today homepage, I had read them ALL in matter of seconds.

Another fantastic feature of LInkedIn Today is having the option to share articles with your connections, which in turn, allows you to see what people in your network are sharing and, most importantly, what they are thinking about.

You know and trust most of your connections and coworkers, so if they share an article, it’s a good signal that it’s something you should be paying attention to. By looking at the news articles being shared across your network and who is sharing it, we can highlight the top stories you should be paying attention to.

This is probably the most important feature because if your boss or co-worker decide to share a story, and then you read it, you can demonstrate to them that you go above and beyond to keep the dialogue current. If everyone in a business is on the same page, then it’s sure to strive for greatness.

For a LinkedIn newbie like me, the thought of daily upkeep can feel overwhelming at times, but now that I have two reasons to sign in — networking and news — the incentives to come back on daily basis are greater. As I establish more connections with professionals in my area of expertise, I know I’ll be on the right track when it comes time for interviews and eventually getting hired for my dream job.


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