Questions + Audio/Visual Learners = YouTube

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Week #11

Using the web to answer FAQ (Frequently asked questions) offers many options. After reading my fellow classmate’s blog, The Showdown: LinkedIn Answers vs. @answerme vs. Wiki Answers, and I totally hate Yahoo Answers, I went searching for a more practical way of getting my questions answered without having to weed through the hundreds, if not thousands, of online resources. It then dawned on me that as a musician, I often use YouTube to learn how to play cover songs on guitar, and to watch lessons on how to play various instruments for beginners. So I got to thinking (and asking), could YouTube also help me learn the in’s and out’s of social media? The answer is yes! Finding answers on YouTube is simple and easy. Just type your question in the search box and then find a video that fits your needs. Just like any search engine, multiple videos will come up; therefore, it is up to the viewer to make an educated judgment on what videos to trust and not trust.

Below are five examples of how I was able to get answers using YouTube.

1. With the current debate on whether the internet and recent growth of citizen journalism will forever kill print journalism, I wanted to hear opinions from professionals on the subject.

Q: Has the internet killed print journalism?


2. As a relatively new LinkedIn member, and a student looking to the future, I need to know exactly which LI tools I can master to maximize my potential for landing a  job.

Q: How can I use LinkedIn groups to find a job?


3. With the recent earthquake/tsunami in Japan, and the impending “big one” on the U.S. west coast, one must be prepared to face disaster head on. Although we cannot predict when it will come, we can use social media as a tool to stay connected with the rest of the world.

Q: How can I use Twitter to let friends and family know that I’m OK after a disaster strikes?


4. In order to keep your finger on the pulse of social media, one has to stay on top of new trends. One good way would be to research which trends will be most popular for the year.

Q: What will be the top social media trends in 2011?


5. I’m sure one thing that’s been on the mind of everyone in my Social Media for Journalists course at some point is if we can actually make a career out of blogging. As we pour our hearts and souls into our class blogs, we can’t help but wonder if professional blogging is a viable option.

Q: How can I get paid as a professional blogger?


As you can see from the videos above, not only did I get the answers I was looking for, but I also learned an entirely new set of skills, simply by weeding through the videos and finding the one that fit my needs perfectly. Don’t hesitate to take your questions to YouTube, especially if you benefit more as audio/visual learner.

YouTube university is now in session!

  1. Grannelle says:

    Amazing how the latest buzzword, “crowdsourcing,” is providing the answers to the age old questions of who, what, where, how, and why, isn’t it? Great stuff – thanks for sharing. Gotta go enroll now.

  2. Shari says:

    Billy, this post is exactly what I was looking for as evidence of the awesome usefulness and value of Youtube. We;ll be spending more time with YouTube in a future week, but in the meantime, I’d like to post this article as another Guest Post from you.
    BTW, I’d need you to send me the HTML edit page [i.e. copy and pasted in an email]

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