My First Time Subscribing to an RSS Feed

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Week #12

After reading Shel Hotz’s article, How the social evolution process has altered my FIR news-gathering process, I finally had the better understanding I needed, essentially the how’s and why’s, to subscribe to my first RSS Feed. As I eagarly await my first slew of feeds via smartphone, I can share with the comment I left Shel over on his blog.

This article made my day because as someone who has never subscribed to any RSS feeds, I now have a better idea of the why’s and how’s. I can remember when the iPhone first came out I had a ton of friends telling me how great the RSS feeds were, and especially the convenience they brought, but I was always hesitant, mostly because I enjoyed browsing the actual sites rather than getting a quick stream of info. If I had known that you could actually store and save the news, it might had been a different story. Now that I have my own social media blog that offers the feature to have my readers subscribe via RSS, I might just give it a try myself. I’m also looking forward to checking out FeedDemon and NewGator. Thanks for the heads up, Shel.

Update: When going through the sites I read on a daily basis to find my first RSS Feed to subscribe to I ultimately decided to go with celebrity gossip queen, Perez Hilton. Seeing that I visit that site 3 to 5 times a day, why not take advantage of the RSS Feed so I could stop wasting valuable study time and instead check the feed during my commute. So far I am really enjoying reading through his RSS Feed.


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