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Upon completing my teen interview blog, I had a mission on my hands: find a teen blogger who can set a worthy example for teens who need more guidance with social media. After searching high and low, and from one continent to the next, I’ve found someone truly talented.

I’m Michael Moore-Jones – a 16-year-old New Zealander passionate about technology and business. I’m the founder of They Don’t Teach You This In School. These posts are sometimes a way for me to sort my thoughts out in my own head, and other times I write them because I really want to share ideas and hear others’ thoughts on them. Whether it’s criticism or your own view on the subject, I hope you’ll share them with me in the comments – feedback is the reason I blog.

In his most recent blog, Examining Teenage Social Media Habits, Michael is interviewed by the PR and Social Media firm Racepoint Group. Together, they examine the bizarre phenomenon of New Zealand teens’ downright disdain for Twitter. Michael makes some clever observations on the topic. (more…)


I recently spent the weekend in LA and took advantage of an opportunity to hang with my younger brother and some of his high school cheer squad mates. I struck up a candid conversation about how they use social media and felt about using it in school, and to my dismay, the consensus was that they are constantly being told by teachers and administration that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are a waste of time.

Our teachers think Facebook is a ridiculous ‘network’ and that it’s useless.”

So I got to thinking; why on earth would teens who are getting ready to graduate from high school in June, be told by teachers that social media is “useless,” and what effect would it have on their life as some prepare for college and others prepare to enter the work force. It was apparent that these teens felt quite the opposite about the subject, but their knowledge of social media seemed limited to following their favorite “celebrities” and using it as an alternative way to get together with friends and organize parties. (more…)

Efficient time management skills are not the easiest thing to tackle. Anyone faced with accomplishing a hefty amount of work in a short period of time will understand that sometimes the best way to stay organized is by creating a “to-do” list. An organized list can map out where you need to be and at what time.

Here is how I stay organized with my weekly Social Media for Journalists course assignments. My goal here is to help anyone feeling overwhelmed or falling behind. (more…)