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Reading through this list of smartphone Apps turned me into a kid in a candy store. As a once avid and diligent iPhone user, and current Android smartphone lover (and soon to be iPad addict), downloading new apps is better than opening presents on Christmas Eve. With a growing number of photography utility apps out there, I’ve always wanted to try Color Splash, one that allows you to edit your photos by draining the color out of specific areas or objects, creating a mix of color and black and white unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

After spending two days with the Color Splash app, I will say that it takes a ton of time and patience to get your bearings. The process of draining the color from specific areas or objects or people is very similar to using Adobe Photoshop, only instead of using a mouse or track pad, you literally have to use your finger; and I’ll be the first to admit that my fingers are rather fat. You have to ability to zoom in pretty close so etching the line of detail can be a tad easier on the finger, so once you master the zoom, you’re good to go. Like the app’s logo will suggest, objects literally pop out at you when they are the only piece of color in a photo. So if you can imagine a landscape photo of the golden gate bridge with the only piece of color being the red on the bridge’s steel structure, you can enhance the effect of San Francisco’s most notorious and famous landmark.

Whether you’re an avid photo journalist, an amateur photographer, or addicted to Photoshop, I would highly recommend Color Splash for anyone and everyone who loves to shoot and edit photos.

Here is a list of other Photo Utility Apps I love and highly recommend trying: